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Job Title: Children's Ministry Coordinator (Part-time, 20 hours weekly)

Supervisor: Ekklesia Governing Board

Salary: $22,604 plus $1,050 retirement

Date Prepared: April 1, 2024


Job Summary: The Children's Ministry Coordinator at Ekklesia Hattiesburg serves as part of the leadership team supporting the well-being, growth, and partnerships of the families in the Ekklesia community. This position holds primary responsibility for the ministry, coordination, and stewardship of the programs provided to babies, toddlers, preschool, elementary, and youth (0-18 years old). Working with the Ekklesia governing board and the larger Ekklesia community, the Children's Ministry Coordinator plays a vital role in the spiritual life and development of the community’s children.


Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Coordinates the childcare for young children (babies, toddlers, preschool, young elementary) in Ekklesia, including hiring, organizing, and paying childcare workers. Ensures background checks of all childcare employees/volunteers and ensures best practices for child safety. Finds replacement childcare support when regular caregivers are unavailable.

  2. Coordinates and oversees the children’s ministry weekly program. Gather input and facilitate selection of curriculum for preschool, elementary, and middle-school aged children. Organizes material for weekly lessons, organizes coloring/activity pages for children in church, purchases snacks for children’s time together, and ensures needed items are available in the classroom. Solicits volunteers to teach in classrooms, creates schedules for their participation, and provides reminders to them prior to Sunday. Steps in as needed to assist in classrooms.

  3. Cultivates relationships and provide ministerial care to parents and families in our church community; encourages open communication and provides resources to volunteers and parents of children. Meets with new volunteer teachers to explain program expectations and meets with parents as needed. Answers questions from volunteers and parents and maintains regular communication with those groups (e.g., through GroupMe, text, and/or email).

  4. Attends weekly Youth program (Sunday Night After Church, “SNAC”). Assists in curriculum selection and provision of materials. Coordinates background checks for volunteers. Meets with parents of upcoming youth. Assists with trips, projects, and youth-specific events.

  5. Partners with University Baptist Church in planning, attending, and implementing children's activities on Wednesday nights.

  6. Provides information on the children’s ministry to the larger Ekklesia community and shares updates for the website with the communication coordinator.

  7. Plans and facilitates additional children’s experiences outside of Sunday night lessons, as needed by the church. Such supplemental events may include holiday parties, trips, or other activities suggested by volunteers and/or parents.

  8. Regularly provides reports, offers input, and solicits guidance from the Governing Board. Meets periodically with Children’s Ministry Team leaders and attends regular staff and Governing Board meetings.


Minimum Qualifications:

Prior experience working with children, preferably in a church setting. Prior experience with event and/or activity planning involving multiple groups. Clear background check.


Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • Knowledge and embracing of the unique values and vision of the Ekklesia community.

  • Knowledge of children’s learning processes and developmental stages, and ability to be flexible to accommodate students with unique needs.

  • Desire to work with children/youth and cultivate their spiritual growth.

  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

  • Exceptional listening skills and ability to adjust in collaboration with others.

  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of volunteers, employees, children and parents. 

  • Ability to work independently to coordinate classroom activities and volunteer teams, demonstrating attention to detail, effective time management, and a high level of organization.

  • Flexibility in using problem-solving skills to adapt to emergent situations and new needs.


This newly hired Children's Ministry Coordinator will complete a 90-day probationary period upon beginning employment. Please submit a resume and cover letter to apply.

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