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EKKLESIA (ek-klay-see'-ah)


Ekklesia Hattiesburg is a community of people committed to Simply Following Together. We believe that we find the life and light of God by doing our best to live our lives as Jesus would.


By God's grace and mercy, we seek to build an inclusive family committed to Christ’s upside-down Kingdom, where people experience the transformation that occurs through sharing our brokenness, serving intentionally, and simply following together.


We commit to Simply Following Together, and we open our doors and tables to anyone who wants to join. Feel free to read our Beliefs and Practices to learn more about us.


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5 p.m.


We are graciously hosted by University Baptist Church on Sunday nights. 3200 Arlington Loop, Hattiesburg, MS 39402. (See Map)


A nursery, toddler, and preschool classes are provided for children up to 5 years old. Grade school children are dismissed during the service just before the message for the Way of the Child. Youth meet weekly for SNAC (Sunday Night After Church) after the service. Children are always welcome to stay during the service.

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Our community functions as a body with many moving parts. We want you to know that there is place for you and that we would love to have you involved. Here are some ways you can CONNECT with our faith community.

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Ekklesia is intentional about being an active, living presence in both the local and global communities. We believe that at the core of our communal worship is serving together. Serving in the community is not a program some of us participate in; rather, it is at the heart of what it means for us to gather as the body of Christ. When we sacrifice for those around us, we truly worship the God who did the same for us.

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We are dedicated to reflecting Christ's sacrificial giving in our own
giving as a community. We have committed to always giving more of our
time and resources away than keeping it for ourselves. We divide our
spending between incarnation (resources spent outside of our walls) and discipleship (resources spent on programs focused within our faith community). In our first 6 years, 63% of our resources were spent outside our walls.

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P.O. Box 641

Hattiesburg, MS  39403



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